Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Electrical Complete - 17.10.2012

So I went onsite today and saw that my electrical work is now all complete. My SS emailed me late last night and asked if I could meet him onsite tommorrow morning so we can go over the elctricals before he starts to Gyprocking :)) Very happy to hear from him, so of course I said YESSSSSS!!!

On the other side, my Gyprock got delivered today, so that was a good thing as well, so hopefully they will start that soon, but hoping my insulation gets done tomorrow, as this is something that needs to be done still before the gyprock goes up.

Further, follow up on my garage door, EBH came back with a quote to go from a manual door to an automatic door which came at a very reasonable price (just over 600), however the PCV is costing 500 bucks, something which i'll fight considering it wasn't my fault. are some pics of our electricals...

Cabling for NBN

CAT 6 Cabling :)

Meter box

Gyprock Delivered

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