Saturday, 31 March 2012

Upgrades in our Tender so far

We have tried to stick to the standards as much as possible, but I always thing there are some things that are worth sure we have already missed a few, but im sure we will get there slowly...

In the meantime, we have got the following upgrades ( from what I remember) in our tender:

  1. High ceilings and internal doors
  2. Fly-screens all around
  3. Security door to the alfresco
  4. Comfort Plus Glass (for the westerly sun)
  5. Upgraded front door
  6. Inter blind laundry door
  7. And internal wall changes to suit our design.

We have also allowed a little in our budget to allow for some kitchen upgrades and some electrical (trying to keep this to a minimal and get this done afterwards to save some $$$).

Intro - Land Settled & 5% to EBH

We decided to start a blog, considering we are now well on our way to building our new home...the Saville 27 with Eden Brae homes at The Ponds. My name is Rabi and the mrs name is Dee and we are now on our long journey to building our new place. I'm sure we will have many ups and downs, so we wanted to share our journey to help those newbie's to see what we have gone through and provide everybody else our experience with building.

We settled on our pile of dirt back in December 2011 and recently paid our 5% to Eden Brae after settling on the Saville 27 with some changes made in our contract along the way. I'm sure we will have many more changes during the PCV, although we are hoping to stick to budget and get things done afterwards where possible.

After many months of going through display homes and looking at home after home and looking at value for money and what we wanted out of a home (separate living/study/media) and looking at standard and optional inclusions based on our budget, we hearts we with the EBH's Saville 27. It was tough as Rawson Homes and McDonald Jones were also great but a bit more $$$ for our liking and we didn't get exactly what we wanted so we stuck with our guns, the Saville. We ended up going with the extra 2sq for the 2k (worked out o be 2.5k) and we just went with the base price, so we will get our own flooring and driveway done later on.

After many months passing by, we paid our 2500k and then more recently paid our 5%. We liked the house last year, so we were lucky enough to put down the $750 last year back in November, before the price rises which have occurred more recently. On  that not, we have so far been given a start date of around July 2012, but this will be come more office after our up-coming appointments.

We have our colors appointment this coming Monday and Wednesday so lets see how that goes. The last few months has been  crazy as we have been going back and fourth to PGH bricks and the Home Options Gallery trying to see whats included and whats not and also see whats available as standard and whats not. Trying to stick to standards is the goal, but it never happens, so lets see how things unfold.

We will and post some pics of our place and the street sooner rather then later so keep posted on this space =D