Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Council Approval!

Wow so its been a while since I last posted and so much has happened...Since our plans were submitted to council I signed all of our PCV's and sent them back to EBH (for all of our selections we made) and I upgraded our aircon unit to a larger size as we got the extra 2 sq's.
The council initally came back and said I needed to get a ventilated skylight for the study and had to change he large window in the living to 2 smaller windows (noidea why ) but i just got it done so they could approve. So I had to pay an extra $500 (approx) to get the plans re-done, certified and obtained the BASIX certfiicate as well. I had to pay an extra $820 for the ventilated skylight as well (sighhhh).
And Finally...about an hour ago I find out that our our plans are approved through council!!!!  So now I have to sign my DA and send it back to EBH so they can carry on with the process...So i think within 3-4 weeks the pegs should go down (hopefully the weather holds).
I'll keep you all posted with progress =]


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! Hope it all gets underway soon

  2. Thankyou so much!!! Yeah hopefully within the month something happens :)))