Thursday, 5 April 2012

Color Selections

This week was a productive week, more so the last few weeks has been as well in order to prepare for our colors selections.

Monday we did our colors, kitchen, blinds, plumbing selection and the Wednesday was our tiles/carpet selection and landscape design and electricals.

We tried to do as much as possible before hand to try and make things easier on the day, without having to think on the spot about our selections. We met with Aysen from the HOG and she was great in helping out. We ended up making a couple of changes for our colors and also upgraded a few things along the way.

My advice would  be to prepare and plan and try to stick t o your budget, as its easier to get carried away with spending  in excess of what you really need to. more importantly, try and make your way to the HOG and PGH bricks as much as possible before hand and have your heart set out on the colors you select.

We ended up upgrading our bricks to Option A (approx $400 extra in total) and rendered part of the front of the house.

Some of the selections we made are:

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Mosac's

These are our monier roof tiles
General + Kitchen 
We spend most of our upgrade money on the kitchen, as we got an under-mount sink, pot drawers + soft close drawers. I plan to get the overhead cupboards later on as I can't justify the $$$ now... We also ended up upgrading to designer doors, upgraded front door and getting an additional fridge tap and gas point for the alfresco.

Upgraded Toilet

Handles for Kitchen

Upgraded Door Style

Standard heater light for our bathroom

Appliances - We upgraded our appliances to the Baumatic selection as they look much better and are much modern with the finishes and LCD displays with buttons. 

We upgraded the shower heads, appliances, bathtub and toilets and the sink
 Shower Basin Handle
 Kitchen Tap
 Bath Tap
 Bain mixer
Large double rails for both bathrooms
 Towel Rail
 Soap Holder
 Double sink with accessories (below)
We also got the drainer as we ended up going with an undermount sink

Lights - I ended up getting power points and light fittings done externally and in hard to reach places. The rest i plan on getting done by a sparky afterwards, it will be much cheaper.
TV\Data Points - I ended up getting about 6 data points and 4 t/v points as it will be easier to do now then later

Now I have to wait till my landscape plans are done and dusted and then await for council approval....

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  1. Hi rabsta,

    Can I ask how much the upgrade cost was for:
    1. upgraded door style
    2. double sink

    These are things we are looking at as well so it would be good if we can get an idea of the prices to include in our budgeting. HOG are not very forthcoming about these things until appointment!