Saturday, 31 March 2012

Upgrades in our Tender so far

We have tried to stick to the standards as much as possible, but I always thing there are some things that are worth sure we have already missed a few, but im sure we will get there slowly...

In the meantime, we have got the following upgrades ( from what I remember) in our tender:

  1. High ceilings and internal doors
  2. Fly-screens all around
  3. Security door to the alfresco
  4. Comfort Plus Glass (for the westerly sun)
  5. Upgraded front door
  6. Inter blind laundry door
  7. And internal wall changes to suit our design.

We have also allowed a little in our budget to allow for some kitchen upgrades and some electrical (trying to keep this to a minimal and get this done afterwards to save some $$$).

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